What Is the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Squeeze Page?

Things change in the Internet Marketing world almost as fast as the internet changes. Terms change and meanings expand to keep pace with these changes so it should not be surprising that even the basics get confusing. Here’s a brief discussion of the differences between Landing Pages(LPs) and Squeeze Pages(SPs).

LPs are:

  • the page you want the consumer to land on after clicking on an ad or link from ads off your site,
  • LPs are typically either a sales page OR a presale page that leads from the place where your advertising is set up,
  • typically landing pages are designed to funnel the consumer to the action you want them to take,
  • LPs are mostly devoid of navigation and other links that can take visitors off the page,
  • LPs are most often association with Pay Per Click businesses but any ad you want to make the most of could/should go to a landing page (for instance you could have an email campaign that goes to a dedicated landing page),
  • LPs be one of many you set up to lead to an opt-in SP,
  • LPs, also referred to as gateway pages, are used extensively in the field of affiliate marketing with the primary role to pre-sell the site visitor on the product they will be shown on the next page,
  • LPs are generally not as ‘focused’ as squeeze pages – LPs commonly attempt to use various emotions the reader feels to more fully engage them in the content.

Squeeze Pages are:

  • created specifically to solicit opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers,
  • or used to get the visitor to take one action, generally with some sort of gift in exchange for an email address or contact info,
  • the offer of a free gift in exchange for customer contact information is both common and expected on these type pages.
  • So the goal of a LP is usually to set up a sale whereas the SP goal is to get an email address or other contact information.

Does that make it more clearer or does anyone else have anything to add?

Author: smar4tcut11gee4k