What is proxy used for

Proxy is a very important tool that can be used in different fields. In fact, this is a remote server through which all your requests are transmitted on the network. This ensures complete anonymity for the user and makes his stay on the network more secure. Currently, there are many different uses for proxy servers. They are used by ordinary users for some daily tasks and by large companies to solve some really complicated tasks. Let’s try to find some tasks for what is proxy used for.

Bypassing regional content blocking

Very often on the Internet you can find web resources that are blocked for viewing in your country. These can be video clips on YouTube, some movies, music, entire online platforms and even social networks. Locks can be set for various reasons. Mainly to preserve the copyright law to certain content. It is important to remember that in each country laws may differ, which is why specific materials may lose open access. For example, in Germany it is very strictly related to the preservation of copyright and there it is often possible to meet content that is not publicly accessible. Using a proxy, you can easily bypass this blocking by replacing your real ip with the ip of any other country. You can check the list of proxies here Proxy-Seller.Com.


Marketers have long begun to actively use proxies for their own purposes. They found a number of tasks with which the proxy server helps them to cope. This is SEO promotion, some work on cheating likes, comments, subscribers, views on social networks and many other tasks. Proxy allows you to create many accounts where you are allowed to have only one, which creates a huge marketing potential. They are fully used by marketers, who often use proxies in their work.

Online games

Gamers all over the world have long been actively using proxies for their own purposes. It is very useful for beginners and professionals. Many people know the long and not always fair development of accounts in online games. Almost every game has such a thing as a donate and an ordinary player who is not ready to spend his money on the game has some difficulties on the game process. Pumping your game account is a long and rather boring process. There are two ways to speed it up. The first is donate Рfinancial donations to the company that released the game. For real money in the game, you can buy almost everything, but it is not cheap and many people cannot afford such entertainment. But there is another way. Using a proxy server you have the opportunity to bypass the rules of the game and pump your account faster. For this purpose you can use such methods as multi account and botting. It costs a lot of effort, but it can significantly speed up the process and you will  fully enjoy the game without restrictions.


If you like to travel, you most likely noticed that after leaving the territory of your country, some web resources may become inaccessible for you. Each country has specific laws that may restrict access to specific content for residents or non-residents of the state. This is a fairly common problem, but it can also be solved using a proxy server. Using the proxy server of your country, you can keep access to all your favorite Internet resources even when you are in another country. So, for example, you can purchase US Proxy by clicking on this link https://proxy-seller.com/american-proxy and all the necessary content will be available for you even after you cross the US border.

These are not all areas of use of the proxy server, but only a few of those that are actively used in various situations nowadays. As you can see, proxy servers have become popular in various niches and every year their popularity is only growing.

Author: smar4tcut11gee4k