What is PBN and how to use it

The term PBN (Private Blog Network) is a method of SEO promotion, which became popular a long time ago (more than 6-7 years ago). In those days, even despite the very low quality of networks, niche sites easily fell into the top even on very competitive topics such as finance, credit and insurance. It was enough to order anchor links on the promoted requests for 5-6 such networks, and your site got into the top positions literally within 2-3 months.

In 2014, Google banned a number of such blog networks, which publicly sold backlink placement services. Since then, Google has introduced a number of filters, the SEO promotion and optimization process has changed significantly and become more complicated, but PBN networks are still one of the most effective tools. According to the available information, Google does not use the algorithmic capabilities to calculate optimally built PBN networks in automatic mode, but the search engine has an army of assessors at its disposal, which can manually check any suspicions regarding the methods of promotion used. That’s why you should be guided by the principles of quality, restraint, caution and diversity when creating a PBN networks today.

Does the use of PBN refer to prohibited Black Hat promotion tactics?

Absolutely. Any use of artificially placed backlinks to manipulate search engine output is a violation of Google rules. But backlinks are still one of the main ranking factors in search engines, and without them, no matter how hard you try. Technically, the promotion of the site with the help of PBN carries approximately the same risks as any purchase of backlinks through gestposting and outreach. At the same time, the efficiency of creating your own PBN networks is quite high, because you can control almost all the parameters: trust domains, content quality, anchors, location of links. In addition, the cost of creating a PBN will eventually be lower than the constant purchase of backlinks on third-party sites. Here you can buy some PBN backlinks https://buylink.ae/pbn-backlinks/

PBN is a fast way to get high quality backlinks in large quantities without having to perform tedious tasks, usually including outreach and crowd marketing. In general, PBN mesh can not be considered as the main and only source of backlinks for the promoted site. However, in combination with other white hat methods of promotion and extraction of backlinks, it is an excellent and effective tool.

To create a good PBN you will need some financial investment, and, of course, would like to see the network of sites live and benefit for a long time. Don’t want to build a huge network of sites quickly – their quality should take precedence over their number. 

10 reasons for filtering or banning your PBN

  1. Sale of links. It doesn’t matter if you sell links in public or private mode. Sooner or later this will lead to a leak of information or to the calculation of the entire network by the assessors.
  2. Poor quality content. It is impossible to use the multiplied articles and low-quality articles from illiterate writers.
  3. Sites do not represent any value for the user (including for the assessor).
  4. Placing a number of sites on the same IP address.
  5. Using the same registration information (WhoIs) for domains.
  6. Placement of sites on so-called SEO-hostings that offer ip-address networks.
  7. Bot locking via robots.txt, not at the web server level.
  8. Using a domain that has already been filtered in the past.
  9. No links to other quality sites in your niche.
  10. Lack of diversification and diversity of anchors.

Author: smar4tcut11gee4k