What is Devops

 The word devops appeared and became widespread a long time ago, but not everyone understands what is behind this. Moreover, many companies engaged in the development of software hide behind this word, working according to old principles. It is strange enough to think that by renaming your programmers into devops engineers, you can embed this modern methodology into your company. If you are looking for some really good devops service provider please check this link https://itsvit.com/services/devops/ .

So what is devops?

Devops is a methodology, which includes a number of principles. The essence of the methodology is to completely change the attitude to the development process. To do this, you need to change the thinking way and actions of the entire team of employees. This is not just a change in some of the processes in a company, it is an almost completely changed philosophy. The definition of devops should be sought in the problems that led to its occurrence. The reasons were several factors that are closely related to the process of developing software.

Software development is a team work, but not always. Previously, the developer included the functions of several specialists at once, since the entire development process was rather primitive and was at the origin stage. Then the developer had a direct relationship not only to the writing of program code, but also in further work with it. He was the only person who had to plan everything on his own, prescribe the code, perform the work of the system administrator, check the code for errors and bugs, make sure that everything functions qualitatively, and test the already prepared program.

As a result of the development of the software development sphere, these functions were divided among several specialists, the reason has several main factors.

  1. Increased the burden on developers. Now there is a huge demand for professional developers in various fields. If earlier all this beggar was at the stage of emergence, now IT is the most rapidly developing direction, and there are not so many specialists with experience and knowledge of the matter. This led to the development process being divided into several stages. The consequence was that each of these stages began to lead a certain type of specialists who were not very familiar with other stages of the process.
  2. Complications in the profession. Software over which it is necessary to work every year becomes more and more difficult, and consequently requirements to qualification of developers grow as well. In order to remain in demand, the developer has to constantly learn and master new skills, thereby narrowing their area of ​​responsibility.

The main problem of this separation is that each link in this chain is responsible only for its specific tasks. Accordingly, everything else remains outside the sphere of their influence, and they often like to say that they have no direct relation to them. On the one hand, this is correct, but such disruptions in team communication and the lack of shared responsibility for a ready project often becomes a problem in the way of software development. Especially when it comes to some really complicated projects, which creates even greater independence of individual departments of the team.

Devops is intended to change this unpleasant factor. It serves as a bridge between all team members, regardless of the role they have. Responsibility is transferred to all employees and they jointly try to bring the project to completion. In addition, each of the team members must be actively involved in all processes and understand the overall process from development to launching a working product.

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