Training on the CS:GO server

With the right approach, training on a cs server can be very effective.  The only subtlety is that you should be fully aware of what you want to learn even before you enter the server. After all, 95% of the teams come to the server without a clear plan and just hang back and forth, extra grenades, unnecessary shooting, constant team kills, and so on.  Do not be that kind of team, it will not give you anything. If you want to learn something, then approach the issue with the utmost seriousness, put yourself out in the game at 100%. Do not even think of this, to hang around doing nothing.  Do it right the first time and you will save a lot of time. Before you go to the server, discuss with your team, what exactly you’re going to train, what skill will be honed. And devote time to this. We also recommend that you visit the CSGO NET site.

CS:GO training

  • Will you concentrate on your strategies for the Terrorists, or on the positional game for Special Forces?
  • Will you be talking about holding, help, and movement, or will you spend all your time building a clear and quick attack?
  • Maybe you’ll watch a couple of demos of the pros to get a sense of how they do similar rounds?
  • How can each of the team members improve the training process on that particular day? Does he have something to show, something to share, in relation to the proposed strategies? Maybe he’ll make some comments, tell us about a particular shot.

These questions are the main ones at the beginning of the training and they are very important. Voice them and answer them before you go on the server. 

Nowadays, any intermediate level team understands that without a set of clear, pre-tested strategies in CS – seriously impossible to play. Every round, you must have an overall plan for how you are going to win that round.

However, many teams believe that pre-proven tactics are only needed when playing for the attack, and when defending is enough to stand around and shoot your enemies.  It is not enough.It is imperative to practice the strategic and tactical elements of the game for the CT, as well as the details on the counter-attack of the captured units and the general drag to the attacking points. In terms of variety – it’s much more effective than playing mixes, because during the mix you have to hold your plant 3-4 times, and by special technique you can play 50 different rounds on your point for an hour.

It is very important to try to select players on the team on the principle of equally serious attitude to the game Counter-Strike, equally high goals and a clearly expressed desire to play for the team, not to use it to improve their own frag stats.

Of course, this is an ideal situation, in reality you will always have players who are willing to practice more and those who are frankly annoyed by long workouts. It is important not to go to extremes and find the fine line of screening players. Talk to your fighters more – have conversations, discuss past training sessions, what they gave you, how you used your knowledge and skills. This way, even the most lax players will soon realize that proper training really does noticeably increase your overall and individual chances of winning rounds.

If a player can’t practice on any given day, it’s better to not practice at all than to practice with four players. Playing in foursomes makes little sense and is essentially a waste of your time, because you have another life besides Counter-Strike, right? Do not do anything unnecessary, otherwise during the real and important game you just will not be ready to perform their duties, because in training you were doing nonsense. If you want to make the game more fun, you can buy upgrades here.

Author: smar4tcut11gee4k