Rules of roulette

Rules of roulette – something you must know! The game of roulette in the world of gambling enjoys almost the greatest reverence. Along with blackjack and poker, roulette bets must try every fan of excitement. The rules of the game of roulette in online casinos are quite accessible, and knowing them is easy to gain experience, sufficient for serious victories. If you want to find the best casino, you should first explore the best online casino reviews here

The basic rules of roulette

The game of roulette in online casinos today is offered in two variations. With the first variant everyone is rather familiar – these are emulators. That is – software simulators of the classic gameplay online. They are made in such a way as to preserve the original principle of the game, just all the action and the entourage is reproduced by the software, and the visuals are rendered. In this version of roulette at online casinos you can always play in demo mode to see what’s what.

The second category is live roulette, also known as live dealer games. Here everything happens just like in casino movies or directly in real casinos. The process will be completely familiar to you if you’ve ever been lucky enough to bet at roulette in a real casino. Only one difference: everything happens online. However, it’s even more convenient because you don’t have to dress up according to a dress code, go somewhere, make bigger bets that are expected of you, get distracted by backgrounds and so on. It’s like chatting on Skype with relatives: what’s not wholesome?

Interesting fact: contrary to popular belief, live roulette is also partially available in demo mode. Yes, with real dealers you can’t bet for free, as in the case of emulators, but you can connect to any virtual table and watch how others play, even if you have no money on your balance. Yes, the system will swear by pop-ups with the message “refill your balance”, but there’s nothing stopping you from closing them and watching everything live. All you have to do is register at the casino. And then everyone will decide for himself whether he wants to play.

Interesting facts about roulette

Much of the interest in this game from both beginners and experienced players is based on high returns. Indeed, roulette bets are among the most profitable in terms of money. The percentage of returns on the classic is 97.3%. Thus, only blackjack is ahead of roulette in terms of RTP with a 98.2% payout. In addition to its profitability, roulette is also exquisite. This game is commonly known as the entertainment of aristocrats, and it was so, because even in the gambling hotbed of the world – America – the game was brought from Europe. In its historic homeland it was played by the nobility and intellectuals.

Moreover, the game is also wrapped in a sense of mystery, and even mysticism. Exact data on the invention of the game is not available. Which is not surprising, because things are massively often have very vague or collective roots. Nevertheless, there is a version, or even a legend, that the game was based on the invention of Blaise Pascal. The scientist invented, of course, not a gambling machine, but worked on a scientific project – a perpetual motion machine. What he got really reminds that drum. Is it a coincidence? There is no direct evidence.

Well, as for mysticism – quick-witted minds couldn’t help noticing that the sum of all the numbers on her drum is 666. Nevertheless, she is called the queen of gambling, and certainly not the devil woman. You can choose online casinos at a specialized website, where there is information about royal vegas slots and other popular casinos. 

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